Dark Storm Publications Agrees to Publish E. W. Farnsworth’s Romance Novelette

Among Waterfowl, an E.W. Farnsworth romance novelette, is slated for publication in Summer 2015 by Dark Storm Publications. In the novelette, Dr. Mary Princip has spent so much time gaining her DVM and establishing her successful veterinary service that she thinks she has left romance behind her until she meets a mysterious older but still sexually vigorous gentleman, Dr. Doug Livingston, who brings an enormous blue-gray angora cat named Standfast to her office and over time ignites a fire in her heart. His having a beautiful ward, his teen-age cousin Carrie, complicates their situation, which involves a past full of secrets that seem too dangerous for them to manage.  But Carrie becomes both an unasked question and its answer in the way she becomes Mary’s intern and then brings the two together as a couple around a pool with waterfowl.

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