E. W. Farnsworth a Featured Contributor to an Anthology from Zimbell House Publishing

E. W. Farnsworth has signed releases to publish eight of his John Fulghum, P.I., stories in two anthologies to be published during 2015 by Zimbell House Publishing.  Contents of an interview of E. W. may be found at the following URL:


New Stories in the Garden of the Goddesses Anthology

Recent cover image or website screenshot.Watch for E. W. Farnsworth’s stories, ‘Red Athena’s Tale’ and ‘The Ark of Time: The True Story of Isis and Osiris,’ appearing soon in the amazing anthology Garden of the Goddesses, by Zimbell House Publishing.

Dark Storm Publications Agrees to Publish Clandestine Green and Red

Dark Storm Publications has agreed to publish Clandestine Green and Red, a collection of three stories by E. W. Farnsworth.  The three included stories are ‘TwinLions,’ ‘The Interview,’ and ‘The Protector.’

‘TwinLions’ tells the story of four friends who form a company to distribute and market on-line horoscopes that are based on predictive analytics.  The enterprise is so wildly successful that the US government shuts it down, but not before the four friends have sequestered their software, which will become the basis for their next business venture.

‘The Interview’ tells the story of a secret agent’s periodic security refresher vetting during which the agent has the opportunity to reminisce about the ‘untold stories’ of his career.  What he has acknowledged is impressive, but what he has not acknowledged changed the world.

‘The Protector’ tells the story of a special agent who tackles one of the most difficult and potentially the most embarrassing missions for the US intelligence community.  Discovering that the horribly mutilated body of a female covert operative is not what it seems, the agent pursues leads around the world and finally goes clandestine to discover the truth.

Coming Summer 2015

Dark Storm Publications Agrees to Publish E. W. Farnsworth’s Romance Novelette

Among Waterfowl, an E.W. Farnsworth romance novelette, is slated for publication in Summer 2015 by Dark Storm Publications. In the novelette, Dr. Mary Princip has spent so much time gaining her DVM and establishing her successful veterinary service that she thinks she has left romance behind her until she meets a mysterious older but still sexually vigorous gentleman, Dr. Doug Livingston, who brings an enormous blue-gray angora cat named Standfast to her office and over time ignites a fire in her heart. His having a beautiful ward, his teen-age cousin Carrie, complicates their situation, which involves a past full of secrets that seem too dangerous for them to manage.  But Carrie becomes both an unasked question and its answer in the way she becomes Mary’s intern and then brings the two together as a couple around a pool with waterfowl.

Serial Salamander and Crow at Pro Se in Spring 2015

In The Secret Adventures of Agents Salamander and Crow, a techno-thriller story sequence, handsome, manly Kenneth Mander (Agent Salamander) and beautiful, brilliant Sheila McCaw (Agent Crow) develop a special, personal relationship and together they compose a legendary CIA operational team that, working directly for the DDO, eliminates the gravest threats to US national security throughout the world. Because of their successes under fire, Crow, the group’s leader, gets the opportunity to become her boss’s replacement while Mander chooses to remain in the field as Crow’s best operational asset.

Biweekly serialization starting at Pro Se in Spring 2015