Bitcoin Fandango Available

BITCOIN_DRAFTPROOFV4 - E.W. FarnsworthBitcoin Fandango is available for purchase through or as an iBook for iPads or Macs.

This first novel published by E.W. Farnsworth with publisher Greenman Arizona follows Oliver “Ollie” Handwell, an undercover policeman who tests the boundaries of the DA’s jurisdiction, and the DA’s assistant, seaweed-green-eyed, auburn-haired Stephanie Branch, as they together investigate almost every kind of Bitcoin crime and caper.

As they develop their professional relationship, it becomes personal–to a point.  Everything changes for Ollie and Stephanie when the DA has a non-fatal heart attack and Stephanie must take on her boss’s duties while at the same time the CIA makes Ollie an offer he cannot refuse.

The novel includes the seamy side of the cryptocurrency movement as it truly is: a world of corrupt and predatory operatives, scammers, spies, bent political fundraisers, robber-murderers, genius entrepreneurs, wild card characters and the two honest people who want to do genuine good by eliminating the criminal elements and getting to the truth.

Get your copy today through!


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