E. W. Farnsworth Halloween Story to Be Published by Every Writer’s Resource

E. W. Farnsworth’s Halloween story, “Breathless,” will be published by Every Writer’s Resource.

The editor of EWR wrote, “I enjoyed this story.  It will published very soon.  Yes, you are being considered for the contest.”

The short story is still in contention for a prize in the Every Writer’s Resource annual Halloween short story contest.

Two E. W. Farnsworth Short Stories to Be Published in Zimbell House Publishing LLC Anthology

Zimbell House Publishing LLC has selected two of E. W. Farnsworth’s new short stories for publication this November.

The stories, “Lindsay Holloway” and “Gaming Their Way to Love,” will appear in It’s an Urban Style of Love Anthology.

A frequent contributor to Zimbell House anthologies, E. W. Farnsworth will also see Zimbell House publish his The Black Marble Griffon & Other Disturbing Tales in time for Halloween and The Wiglaff Tales, the first volume of his The Wiglaff Chronicles series before Christmas.

E. W. Farnsworth Christmas Ghost Story Accepted for Publication by FunDead in Salem, Mass.

E. W. Farnsworth’s Dickensian ghost story, “Nocebo,”* has been accepted for publication by FunDead Publications in Salem, Massachusetts.

Publication of the forthcoming Christmas theme anthology [Official Title TBA] is anticipated in November or December, 2016.

The inspiration and premise for the story is the work of English novelist Charles Dickens.

Further information about the publication is forthcoming.

*Note: A “nocebo” is the opposite of a “placebo.”

Three New E. W. Farnsworth Books Forthcoming from Audio Arcadia in England

Audio Arcadia has selected E. W. Farnsworth’s Black Secrets for publication.

This collection of dark stories about secret societies and other secret worlds is the companion volume to Farnsworth’s The Black Arts, which collects his fictional stories about the labyrinthine secret world of global intelligence operations.

Also coming from Audio Arcadia later this year is Farnsworth’s Nightword: A Novel, about the future of Virtual Reality.

E. W. Farnsworth’s DarkFire at the Edge of Time was released by Audio Arcadia in July, 2016.  This collection of 25 visionary stories focused on End Times and the escape from Earth of genius programmers, artificial intelligences and avatars looking to form a new cosmos where goodness might have the chance to triumph over evil.

Further information about E. W. Farnsworth’s three new collections is forthcoming.

E. W. Farnsworth’s Winning Story to Be Featured On-line This Month

E. W. Farnsworth’s story, “Under Light Flowers” will be published on line in the Girls! Women! Ladies! Chicks! Anthology of Infective Ink.

Set in Singapore and New York City, this is the story of four young women who experienced study abroad in Singapore before making their separate ways in the workaday world.

Publication details, including the URL, are forthcoming.

E. W. Farnsworth Brainy Fantasy Story Accepted for Publication in UK Anthology

E. W. Farnsworth’s brainy fantasy story, “Blade of Avridar,” has been accepted for publication in the Devil’s Armory III Anthology of Rogue Planet Press.

Rogue Planet Press is associated with Horrified Press in England.

E. W. Farnsworth is a frequent contributor to Horrified Press anthologies.

Details about date of publication and purchase of the anthology are forthcoming.

Sixth E. W. Farnsworth Viking Story Accepted for Publication by Rogue Planet Press in England

E. W. Farnsworth’s story, “Hrethel and Leif,” has been accepted for publication in Hammer of the Gods Viking Sagas of Sword and Sorcery Anthology of Rogue Planet Press in England.

Five prior Farnsworth’s Viking stories were accepted in this anthology: “Hrethel’s Quest,” “Hrethel and Wolfing,” “Hrethel and His Thanes,” “Hrethel and the Hundings” and “Hrethel and the Voyage to Vineland.”

“Hrethel and Leif,” along with the other Hrethel stories, is part of Hrethelssaga, E. W. Farnsworth’s Viking epic in progress.