Two E. W. Farnsworth Stories to Be Published in Rogue Planet Press Anthologies in England

Two of E. W. Farnsworth’s stories have just been accepted and contracted for publication in Rogue Planet Press anthologies.

Farnsworth’s story, “Hrethel’s Quest” will be published in  Hammer of the Gods Viking Sagas of Sword and Sorcery of Rogue Planet Press.

His story, “The Hybrid” will be published in  the Sword and Planet Anthology of Rogue Planet Press.

Rogue Planet Press is an associate publisher with Horrified Press in England.

E. W. Farnsworth is a frequent contributor to Horrified Press publications.

E. W. Farnsworth Science Fiction Novel to Be Published in England

E. W. Farnsworth’s novel, Nightworld, has been accepted for publication by AudioArcadia in England.

Nightworld is the story of a wizard programmer who teams up with the Artificial Intelligence instantiation of the deceased insane programmer Maud Integer.  They create a universe-wide virtual reality environment that allows the real and virtual dimensions to be interchangeable.

Nightworld is the second science fiction work to be published by AudioArcadia.

DarkFire at the Edge of Time, Farnsworth’s collection of twenty-five visionary stories appeared from AudioArcadia in July, 2016 and is now sold worldwide at Amazon.


E. W. Farnsworth Story Published in Jotters United Summer e-zine

E. W. Farnsworth’s short story, “Gypsy John,” has been published in Jotters United Summer Issue 24.

It can be read now for free on line at  http:”!issue-24/c1ayz !

E. W. Farnsworth is a frequent contributor to Nick Gerrard’s Jotters United issues.  His most recent prior publication in a Jotters United issue was his western story, “Riders of Picacho Peak.”

E. W. Farnsworth’s Flash Fiction to Be Published in Australian Anthology

E. W. Farnsworth’s flash fiction story “Caroom!” has been selected for publication in the Twisted Tales Flash Fiction Anthology from Raging Aardvark Publishing in Australia.

Selection of this story was part of an international competition that narrowed the field of submitted entries to fourteen short-listed works for publication.

E. W. Farnsworth’s “The Appraisal” was published in 2015 in Cats with Thumbs, a publication of Raging Aardvark, which makes a specialty of publishing cutting-edge flash fiction.

Further details about the publication of this anthology are forthcoming.


Three New E. W. Farnsworth Western Stories to Be Published in England

Three new western stories by Arizona writer E. W. Farnsworth have been accepted for publication in a two-volume English anthology.

The stories, “Beeswax and Castile*,” “Longhorn Jack McGraw,” and “The Thirteen Apostles**,” will appear in George Wilhite’s anthology, Riding the Dark Frontier: Tales of the Weird West, Volumes 1 and 2 from Thirteen O’clock Press of Horrified Press, whose general editor is Nathan J.D.L. Rowark.

Purchases may be made from upon publication of the separate volumes.

Further details about publication are forthcoming.

These three stories are in addition to “The Ghost of Alice Hampton” and “Day of the Dead in Villella,” whose publication in the same two-volume anthology was announced earlier.


*Beeswax and Castile are the two main components in the manufacture of saddle soap.

**The title “The Thirteen Apostles” refers to the historical Thirteen Apostles of the Confederate States of America.



E. W. Farnsworth Contracts for His Fifth John Fulghum, PI, Mystery Volume with Zimbell House Publishing, LLC

Zimbell House Publishing, LCC will publish E. W. Farnsworth’s John Fulghum, PI, novel Finding Harry Diamond.

This will be the third novel and fifth volume in his John Fulghum, PI, hard-boiled detective series.

The first two volumes of stories in this series about the Greater Boston area detective, John Fulghum Mysteries and John Fulghum Mysteries, Volume II were published, respectively, in 2015 and 2016 by Zimbell House.

The second two volumes, the novels Blue Is for Murder and The Perfect Teacher, are scheduled for publication by Zimbell House, respectively, in the spring and summer of 2017.

Publication information about Finding Harry Diamond is forthcoming.