New Short Goddess of the Corn Available

goddess-of-the-cornA village plagued by drought is in dire need of a savior. Read more of the story at Fictuary.

Enter: Natalia Now on Fictuary.Com

enter_nataliaApproached by the beautiful, notorious Russian spy Natalia Scheremetyevo at the British Embassy, the head of the CIA counterintelligence discovers the unspeakable price of information.
Read more of the story at Fictuary.

Short Story Blue Plankton now at Fictuary

blue-planktonNASA never revealed what astronauts brought back from space, and it isn’t what you think. Read more of the story at Fictuary.

Ether Books Publishes E. W. Farnsworth’s ‘Living Nightlights’ as Free Download


Living Nightlights, a science fiction short story, has been published for download to the Ether Book’s app, available for free on your iOS or Android device. In the story, avatar 3Maggie helps The Dweeb escape from federal agents at a demonstration. Download to app today to read the tale and rate this and other E.W. Farnsworth short stories available at Ether Books.

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