E. W. Farnsworth Sci-Fi Story Contracted for Publication in English Anthology

E. W. Farnsworth’s science fiction story, “The Chronosphere,” has been contracted for publication in the anthology Walpurgisnacht (Spring) 2019 edition of Rogue Planet Press in the UK.

In this story, the hero and heroine combat a race of malevolent, tentacled, intelligent and alien creatures bent on exterminating humans throughout the universe.

Further details about publication are forthcoming.

E. W. Farnsworth Story to Appear in Night Picnic Journal 2: 2 in English and Russian Languages

E. W. Farnsworth has just signed a contract for the publication of his story, “The Seventh Figure,” with Night Picnic Press LLC.

The story will appear in English (with a Russian translation!) in Night Picnic Journal 2: 2 in early 2019.

Two New E. W. Farnsworth Stories to Appear in Anthology by Rogue Planet Press of British Horrified Press in 2018

Two of E. W. Farnsworth’s stories, “Creatures of the Hidden Savannah” and “The Woman Who Became a Triceratops,” have been accepted for publication in the “Fantastical Savannahs and Jungles” Anthology, to be released by Rogue Planet Press, an Imprint of British Horrified Press.

The latter story is a “Cli-Fi” piece including speculation on macro-patterns in southern Arizona.

Further information about the release will be forthcoming in due course.

Eight New E. W. Farnsworth Nitrous Belle Stories Appear in Rogue Planet Press of Horrified Press Anthology

Sweat, Steel & Cruise Control: Volume II Anthology of Rogue Planet Press of Horrified Press in the has appeared with the following eight E. W. Farnsworth stories about the inimitable super heroine Nitrous Belle:

“Nitrous Belle on Thunder Road”

“Last Night on Earth”

“Nitrous Belle Breaks Through Earth’s Solar System Defenses”

“Nitrous Belle and the Intergalactic Magnetic Rivers”

“Crossroads of the Inter-Galactic Magnetic Rivers”

“Nitrous Belle in Zardor, Galaxy of the Damned”

“Raveled Sleave of Care”


“Plowing Through the Space Sargasso Sea”

The anthology containing all the above Nitrous Belle stories can be purchased from Lulu.com or Amazon.com.

E. W. Farnsworth’s Fiction from Publisher AudioArcadia in England

Begun with E. W. Farnsworth’s story having been selected for publication in an AudioArcadia-sponsored international science fiction anthology, the English publisher has released numerous collections and novels by Farnsworth, not all of which are Sci Fi.

E. W. Farnsworth’s DarkFire at the Edge of Time, Nightworld: A Science Fiction Novel, about the future of Virtual Reality, and two collections of stories, The Black Arts: Dark Tales of Clandestine Operations and Black Secrets were published in England in 2016 by AudioArcadia.com.

Subsequently published by AudioArcadia were Odd Angles on the 1950s: A Collection of Ten Short Stories, The Otio in Negotio: The Comical Accidence of Business–Tales about the Dark Side of Making Business Work, DarkFire Continuum: Science Fiction Tales about the Apocalypse, and Troubling Tales, a Collection of Short Stories.

In January 2018 AudioArcadia published Selected Stories of E. W. Farnsworth, the publisher’s sampler of stories taken from the above works.

All the above-mentioned books are now available for purchase from either Lulu.com or Amazon.com.

Scheduled to appear during 2019 from AudioArcadia is Farnsworth’s DarkFire Warrior, the third collection of science fiction stories in his Voyage of he Spaceship Arcturus series.

New and Forthcoming E. W. Farnsworth Books from Pro Se Productions LLC

E. W. Farnsworth continues to contribute stories and novels to new pulp leader Pro Se Productions.

In June 2018 following Farnsworth’s Al Katana, Volume I, came Al Katana, Volume II, second in the series about the superhero, whose nom de guerre is taken from the name of the Japanese katana sword he uses to strike terror into the hearts of malefactors.

Three more vigilante novels (Al Katana, Volumes III, IV and V) will appear from Pro Se at six-month intervals through 2020.

Also from Pro Se will appear Desert Sun, Red Blood, Volume II, the second collection of nineteenth-century western stories set in the Arizona Territory during the time of the Indian Wars.  Volume I in this series of westerns appeared from Pro Se in 2015.  Volume III has been completed, with publication information available soon.

In 2016, co-published by Pro Se and Steeger Productions LLC, came Dead Cat Bounce, the first-ever Inspector Allhoff novel in the noir NYPD police procedural tradition of D. L. Champion.

The Secret Adventures of Agents Salamander and Crow, E. W. Farnsworth’s collection of fictional CIA spy stories, appeared from Pro Se in 2017.

Numerous stories by E. W. Farnsworth are also scheduled to appear in Pro Se Productions anthologies during the next three years.




E. W. Farnsworth Interviewed by Dr. Paul Reeves of Impact Radio USA of Detroit in June 2018

E. W. Farnsworth was interviewed by Dr. Paul Reeves of Impact Radio USA USA in Detroit and “aired” June 11, 2018.  The recorded interview was subsequently published in “Dr. Paul’s Family Talk” Archives 6/11/2018 https://www.podomatic.com/…/episo…/2018-06-11T08_15_41-07_00

E. W. Farnsworth had been previously interviewed in print, notably by Zimbell House Publishing LLC, but his Impact Radio is his first radio interview.

The focus of the interview was Farnsworth’s recently-published John Fulghum, PI, Mysteries, Volume VI, but it ranged widely to include the author’s writing methods, his continuing relationship with Zimbell House Publishing and his works in progress.

Novels and Collections about John Fulghum, PI, from Zimbell House Publishing LLC

E. W. Farnsworth’s novels and stories about the Greater Boston area noir detective John Fulghum, PI, continue to appear from Zimbell House Publishing LLC.

Below is a list of all separate collections from Zimbell House.  Please note that selected stories in some volumes were also previously published in ZHP anthologies:

John Fulghum, PI, Mysteries Volume I — a collection of stories

John Fulghum, PI, Mysteries Volume II — a collection of stories

Blue is for Murder, a Novel, John Fulghum, PI, Mysteries Volume III

The Perfect Teacher, a Novel, John Fulghum, PI, Mysteries Volume IV

Finding Harry Diamond, a Novel, John Fulghum, PI, Mysteries Volume V

John Fulghum, PI, Mysteries Volume VI — a collection of stories

Among Farnsworth’s mystery works in progress is A Few Miles North of Nothing, a Novel, John Fulghum, PI, Volume VII.




Three New E. W. Farnsworth Westerns to Be Published in English Anthology

Three of E. W. Farnsworth’s newest western stories have been accepted for publication in a two-volume English anthology.

The stories, “Beeswax and Castile*,” “Longhorn Jack McGraw” and “The Thirteen Apostles**,” will be published in Riding the Dark Frontier: Tales of the Weird West Anthology, Volumes 1 and 2, edited by George Wilhite.

These stories are in addition to Farnsworth’s “The Ghost of Alice Hampton” and “Day of the Dead in Villella,” whose publication in the same two-volume anthology was announced earlier.

The two-volume anthology will appear with separate publication dates from Thirteen O’Clock Press of Horrified Press, whose general editor is Nathan J. D. L. Rowark.  Purchases may be made from www.lulu.com upon publication.

Further information about publication dates and purchasing information is forthcoming.

*Beeswax and Castile are the two main ingredients in the manufacture of saddle soap.
**The Thirteen Apostles refers to the Thirteen Apostles of the Confederacy.

E. W. Farnsworth’s Character Nitrous Belle to Reappear in British Anthology

E. W. Farnsworth’s new story, “Nitrous Belle on Thunder Road,” has been accepted for publication in the Rogue Planet Press of Horrified Press anthology, Sweat, Steel and Cruise Control, Volume II.

Farnsworth’s inimitable female warrior, first featured in Sweat, Steel and Cruise Control, Volume I, has become an icon for competent rebels with hot, weaponized vehicles.

In this story the intrepid Belle escorts her family (the genius Doctors Worthington) and their AIs and robots to the base of Mount Roraima from which the Spaceship Arcturus will be launched to preserve the best of humans and machines  from the depredations of Luddites who are sworn to destroy them.

Envision Belle working with three Pterodactyl autonomous unmanned aerial systems to defeat enforcement helicopters and tanks as she executes bootlegger turns under fire in tandem with Wild Bill, her current wingman.

Look for other stories of Nitrous Belle soon as her land vehicle transforms into a space fighter with all the trimmings to protect Arcturus from all comers.