E. W. Farnsworth a Featured Contributor to an Anthology from Zimbell House Publishing

E. W. Farnsworth has signed releases to publish eight of his John Fulghum, P.I., stories in two anthologies to be published during 2015 by Zimbell House Publishing.  Contents of an interview of E. W. may be found at the following URL: http://www.zimbellhousepublishing.com/home/contributors-corner/

New Stories in the Garden of the Goddesses Anthology

Watch for E. W. Farnsworth's stories, 'Red Athena's Tale' and 'The Ark of Time: The True Story of Isis and Osiris,' appearing soon in the amazing anthology Garden of the Goddesses, by Zimbell House Publishing.

E. W. Farnsworth’s ‘Eight Legged Puppies’ Published in Arachnophobia Anthology

Arachnophobia: An Anthology of Dark Stories, from Thirteen Press, affiliate of Horrified Press in London, includes E. W. Farnsworth's story, 'Eight Legged Puppies.' Buy a copy today.

Jotters United Publishes Three Shorts

Visit Jotters United, Issue 12, to read 'The Worm Snakes,' 'Octogoron,' and 'Refraction Sublime' today.

Beluah Published at Fictuary

After a special forces soldier successfully tracked maniacal Joseph Kony with the aid of an enigmatic warrior maiden named Beluah, he returns to find her many years later. Read more of the story at Fictuary.

At Fictuary Today: A Grandson or a Son

Two women are the key to a king's demise in this short read published at Fictuary. Read the tale of intrigue today.

New Short Goddess of the Corn Available

A village plagued by drought is in dire need of a savior. Read more of the story at Fictuary.

Enter: Natalia Now on Fictuary.Com

Approached by the beautiful, notorious Russian spy Natalia Scheremetyevo at the British Embassy, the head of the CIA counterintelligence discovers the unspeakable price of information. Read more of the story at Fictuary.

Short Story Blue Plankton now at Fictuary

NASA never revealed what astronauts brought back from space, and it isn’t what you think. Read more of the story at Fictuary.

The Test Available for Download

In this new work from E. W. Farnsworth, Sheryl Anderson, a business woman, is acquainted with a mystery man who may be Artificial Intelligence in this science fiction adventure now available for download to your iOS or Android device. The Ether Books app is a one-time download, in which you will find not only E.W. Farnsworth … Continue reading The Test Available for Download