Kek versus Cthulhu Has Arrived!

E. W. Farnsworth has just published one poem and five stories in the timely, cerebral and horrifying Kek versus Cthulhu Anthology from Rogue Planet Press, affiliate of Horrified Press in the UK. The tastefully made anthology is now available from Amazon for delivery!

EW Farnsworth stories included in the XENOBIOLOGY: Stranger Creatures Anthology from Rogue Planet Press

E. W. Farnsworth short stories included in this exciting anthology include: 

  • The Scionites 
  • Ratites Delight 
  • Return of the Scionite 
  • Jangled Memes 
  • Memnon’s Spitting Image 

Available at Amazon today! 

A note from the publisher: 

For anyone interested in Sci-Fi or Fantasy/Horror Xenobiological-themed short-stories…“Xenobiology – Stranger Creatures” – Anthology, published by Rogue Planet Press, an imprint of British Horrified Press, is out now. Drawings/artwork inside are by great comics designers, artists and authors.

Picklock Lane Stories by E. W. Farnsworth

E. W. Farnsworth’s popular Picklock Lane science fiction stories have appeared in the inimitable Gavin Chappell’s Schlock! Webzine, first in the weekly format and subsequently in the new monthly format, Volume 16, Issue 1, the latter being available for purchase on  All listed publications are already collectors’ items, whose rarity will affect their value in future.

Predecessor Picklock Lane Stories in prior Weekly Schlock! Webzine Format:

Sunday, January 12, 2020 – Picklock Lane

Sunday, January 19, 2020 – Fatty Unfolding

Sunday, January 26, 2020 – Police Wagons on Picklock Lane

February 1 Gavin Chappell Announces Reformatting weekly to monthly format.

Volume 16, Issue 1, February 2020 – Home Defence

Volume 16, Issue 2, March 2020 – Indian Summer on Picklock Lane

Volume 16, Issue 3, April 2020 – Birth of a Superhero

Volume 16, Issue 4, May 2020 – Sir Hudibras and Dame Hudibras Hold Forth

Volume 16, Issue 5, June 2020 – The Picklock Lane Ladies’ Booster Club

Volume 16, Issue 6, July 2020 – Safest Street in the Nation

Volume 16, Issue 7, August 2020 – Fatty’s Fishing Expedition

Volume 16, Issue 8, September 2020 – Sky High Maybe

Volume 16, Issue 9, October 2020 – The Coming Flood

Volume 16, Issue 10, November 2020 – Tentacle Parade

Future Accepted Publications for 2020 and 2021 with no issue number yet assigned:

“Snake Soup,” “Octopus’s Garden,” “The Planks of Sir Hudibras’s Campaign,” “The Huge remains,”  “Fraud at Polls,” “Tentacle Mania,” “Closing Time,” & “An Octopussy Christmas.”

Other Picklock Lane Stories:

“Half Alien”

This listing will be updated as Picklock Lane story publications occur.


Seven E. W. Farnsworth Picklock Lane Stories Accepted for Publication in Schlock! Webzine Monthly for 2020 & 2021

The following seven E. W. Farnsworth Picklock Lane satirical science-fiction stories have been accepted for publication in Gavin Chappell’s inimitable Schlock! Webzine Monthly Magazine in the UK for issues appearing in 2020 and 2021:

“An Octopussy Christmas”

“Closing Time”

“Tentacle Mania”

“Fraud at Polls”

“The Huge Remains”

“The Planks of Sir Hudibras’s Campaign”

“Octopus’s Garden”

The precise order and dates of publication have not yet been determined.  When these  become clear, this note will be edited accordingly.

The above stories continue the fictional adventures of Sheriff Fatty Millstone and the part-alien community of Picklock Lane and the nation.  Any resemblance of fictional personages and events and real-life people and events is entirely coincidental.


A Brief Intro and Gloss on E. W. Farnsworth’s New Character Val Cassidy, PI, & His Sidekick Mabel Deuce

Eccentric and psychic New York City private investigator Val Cassidy and his brilliant and loyal partner Mabel Deuce, solve the mystery of murderous scionites, creatures looking like humans but composed of a lattice network overlaying human DNA.

Recovering from an assassination attempt in a local hospital, Val develops his own therapy by honing skills at throwing lethal darts.  A hospital full of corpses results from the attempt, but the intrepid—and unscathed—detective departs for his office in the warehouse district where he and Mabel piece tougher evidence that a series of murders in upstate New York have the kind of supernatural aura they like to pursue.

As they examine the circumstances of the victims’ murders and work closely with two eccentric female doctors (Asplundh and Sundt) who share their quest, they become convinced that the murderer is now stalking them.

They return to their office to prepare for the onslaught of the scionites.  In fact, only one (apparently female) creature arrives, and she is a formidable opponent, finally laid low by Cassidy and Deuce working as a team and using their psychic powers as well as Cassidy’s dart throwing ability.

Forensics determine that the scionite communicates with others of her alien species.  Cassidy and Deuce must hazard all to cut off the controller of all scionites and end the menace forever.  Their prey is a surprise, but they accomplish their mission.

Have they completely eliminated the threat? Val’s inerrant intuition suggests not.  Yet he returns to other matters, scouring the newspapers for hints of dark forces lurking in the shadows.


E. W. Farnsworth’s Picklock Lane Stories from Schlock! Webzine Monthly in the UK

The following dozen of E. W. Farnsworth’s “Picklock Lane” science fiction stories have been published or will soon be published in Schlock Webzine Monthly, edited by the inimitable Gavin Chappell of Rogue Planet Press, an affiliate of Nathan Rowark’s Horrified Press in the UK:

Picklock Lane

Fatty Unfolding

Police Wagons on Picklock Lane

Home Defence

Indian Summer on Picklock Lane

Birth of a Superhero

Sir Douglas and Dame Hudibras Hold Forth

The Picklock Lane Ladies’ Booster Club

Safest Street in the Nation

Snake Soup

Sky High Maybe

Fatty’s Fishing Expedition

Other stories in this line are in progress.  Stay tuned for further information in due course.


2020 Spring Promos for E. W. Farnsworth

Kimball House Publishing LLC’s spring promotional includes an assortment of works by E. W. Farnsworth, including the following:

*Blue Is for Murder, a John Fulghum Mysteries novel

The Wiglaff Tales

Fairy Tales and Other Fanciful Tales


Travelers An Anthology, featuring Farnsworth’s Gypsy stories

Please see the following:



Three New E. W. Farnsworth Science Fiction Stories Accepted for Publication by Zimbell House Publishing LLC

Three E. W. Farnsworth science fiction stories, “Gifted,” “The Message of Zeres,” and “The Witness,” have been accepted for publication in the Explorer One Anthology of Zimbell House Publishing LLC.

This anthology is scheduled to be published in mid-February 2020.  Please stay tuned for additional details.

E. W. Farnsworth’s Short Story, “Footloose,” Included in “Preparing for GRE” Writing Samples

E. W. Farnsworth has had his short story, “Footloose” included among writing samples for students preparing for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Specifically highlighted for study is the author’s vocabulary.  Please refer to this URL:

An early compliment by one of the author’s editors stated that Farnsworth’s works were “a cut above the usual tenth-grade content” received at her publishing concern.

E. W. Farnsworth’s works are now being taught in public and private schools throughout the country for their sophisticated literary content, tropes and figures.

To assist readers’ comprehension and enjoyment and to facilitate group discussions, the author often includes an acronym breakout, glossary and study guide questions as reference material at the end of his volumes.



E. W. Farnsworth Participates in NaNoWriMo Writers’ Panel at Burton Barr Public Library in Phoenix

E. W. Farnsworth engaged with three other writers and a percipient audience of one at the first such authors’ panel held at the Burton Barr Public Library in Phoenix, Arizona.

Moderating the panel discussions was Madeline Parisi, who kept the literary conversation going.

Available at E. W. Farnsworth’s display table were the following tips and tricks for any attending writers:


Ten Tips and Tricks for Writers, Seasoned and Not


E. W. Farnsworth


  1. Write something for publication every day.
  2. Throw none of your writing ideas away.
  3. Write about what you know intimately, especially in fiction.
  4. Let your style evolve through writing regularly.
  5. Don’t worry about length; let the subject lead you.
  6. Structure (or story) should be your guide, not a written outline.
  7. Imitate no one but yourself; if you do that, you won’t have to worry about copyright issues.
  8. Don’t worry about writer’s block; if you get some distance, your ideas will flow naturally.
  9. Have a novel in process continually.
  10. Learn how to brainstorm; you will never lack for material if you do.