Seven E. W. Farnsworth Picklock Lane Stories Accepted for Publication in Schlock! Webzine Monthly for 2020 & 2021

The following seven E. W. Farnsworth Picklock Lane satirical science-fiction stories have been accepted for publication in Gavin Chappell’s inimitable Schlock! Webzine Monthly Magazine in the UK for issues appearing in 2020 and 2021:

“An Octopussy Christmas”

“Closing Time”

“Tentacle Mania”

“Fraud at Polls”

“The Huge Remains”

“The Planks of Sir Hudibras’s Campaign”

“Octopus’s Garden”

The precise order and dates of publication have not yet been determined.  When these  become clear, this note will be edited accordingly.

The above stories continue the fictional adventures of Sheriff Fatty Millstone and the part-alien community of Picklock Lane and the nation.  Any resemblance of fictional personages and events and real-life people and events is entirely coincidental.