E. W. Farnsworth’s Picklock Lane Stories from Schlock! Webzine Monthly in the UK

The following dozen of E. W. Farnsworth’s “Picklock Lane” science fiction stories have been published or will soon be published in Schlock Webzine Monthly, edited by the inimitable Gavin Chappell of Rogue Planet Press, an affiliate of Nathan Rowark’s Horrified Press in the UK:

Picklock Lane

Fatty Unfolding

Police Wagons on Picklock Lane

Home Defence

Indian Summer on Picklock Lane

Birth of a Superhero

Sir Douglas and Dame Hudibras Hold Forth

The Picklock Lane Ladies’ Booster Club

Safest Street in the Nation

Snake Soup

Sky High Maybe

Fatty’s Fishing Expedition

Other stories in this line are in progress.  Stay tuned for further information in due course.