Update on E. W. Farnsworth Publications

E. W. Farnsworth is continuing to balance new writings with editing and proofing old ones.  An updated hand-list of Farnsworth’s book-length collections in progress follows:
From Celestial Ink Publishing:
Gunslingers and Shallow Graves–western tales-PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
The Red Avengers–female vigilantes who become the scourge of rapist males-PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
Surge of Desire, A Romance Novella-tale of a mature, intelligent woman overcome by powerful feelings-PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
Elsie Landers Agency Prodigy–events in the life of a precocious young investigator-YA PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
The Wiglaff Chronicles, Book III, Wiglaff Journeyman Shaman-PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
The Wiglaff Chronicles, Book IV, Wiglaff Master Shaman-PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
Singleton, a spy story about the female detective Samantha “Sam” Singleton-PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
The Ghost Wedding Machine-a Sam Singleton Mystery-PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
‘The Dating Site; and Other Disturbing Tales–Horror stories and poems just in time for Halloween 2019--PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
‘The Spelunker Who Had Chiroptophobia’ and Other Tales, YA caving adventures of three daring young ladies-PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
The Seraglio Spies–stories about brilliant but illiterate women spies in harems-PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
Natives of Olympus–myths about the Greek gods and goddesses in their habitat-PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
Goat Girl and Other Paranormal Stories-Horror in time for Halloween 2019-PUBLISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
“The Sacrifice” and Other Literary Tales–literary stories-Coming IMMINENTLY via Amazon
Tales of THE END-apocalyptic tales including those about Manny Farstar, Galactic Edgemaster-Coming IMMINENTLY via Amazon
From Zimbell House Publishing LLC in US:
Just North of Nothing, A John Fulghum, PI, Mystery, John Fulghum Mysteries, Volume VII-To Be PUBLISHED THIS NOVEMBER
From AudioArcadia in the UK:
DarkFire III: The Stories of Nitrous Belle–continuation of the science fiction epic of the Voyage of the Spaceship Arcturus-To Be PUBLISHED THIS NOVEMBER
From Pro Se Productions in US:
Al Katana, Volume III–continuation of the adventures of Ritchie Walgreen, aka Al Katana, the katana-wielding vigilante and bane of intelligence agencies worldwide-To Be PUBLISHED AT THE DISCRETION OF Pro Se Productions
Other updates will be published frequently.  Stay tuned.