Forthcoming Books of E. W. Farnsworth

E. W. Farnsworth is balancing new writings with editing and proofing old ones.
A hand-list of Farnsworth’s book-length collections in progress follows:
Gunslingers and Shallow Graves–western tales
The Red Avengers–female vigilantes who become the scourge of rapist males
HRETHELSAGA–adventures of HRETHEL, the Viking Hero
The Seraglio Spies–stories about brilliant but illiterate women spies in harems
Natives of Olympus–myths about the Greek gods and goddesses in their habitat
“The Sacrifice” and Other Literary Tales–literary stories
Elsie Landers Agency Prodigy–events in the life of a precocious young investigator
DarkFire III: The Stories of Nitrous Belle–continuation of the science fiction epic of the Voyage of the Spaceship Arcturus
Al Katana, Volume III–continuation of the adventures of Ritchie Walgreen, aka Al Katana, the katana-wielding vigilante and bane of intelligence agencies worldwide
Updates will be published frequently.  Stay tuned.