Forthcoming Collections of E. W. Farnsworth’s Stories

Covers for the paperback print copies of the following collections of stories by Arizona writer E. W. Farnsworth are now in the pipeline:

Gunslingers and Shallow Graves–Western stories and a play.

The Red Avengers–stories about females out for vengeance against habitual rapists

Hrethelsaga–Viking stories centering on the heroic figure of HRETHEL.

Tales from the Seraglio–Tales of Medieval Muslim concubines and spies.

Natives of Olympus–Stories of the Greek gods and goddesses as they must have lived on Mount Olympus.

“The Sacrifice” and Other Literary Tales–Short and long stories with a literary flavor.

Elsie Landers Agency Prodigy–Stories about a modern-day Nancy Drew.

Further details and dates of publication will be forthcoming.