New and Forthcoming E. W. Farnsworth Books from Pro Se Productions LLC

E. W. Farnsworth continues to contribute stories and novels to new pulp leader Pro Se Productions.

In June 2018 following Farnsworth’s Al Katana, Volume I, came Al Katana, Volume II, second in the series about the superhero, whose nom de guerre is taken from the name of the Japanese katana sword he uses to strike terror into the hearts of malefactors.

Three more vigilante novels (Al Katana, Volumes III, IV and V) will appear from Pro Se at six-month intervals through 2020.

Also from Pro Se will appear Desert Sun, Red Blood, Volume II, the second collection of nineteenth-century western stories set in the Arizona Territory during the time of the Indian Wars.  Volume I in this series of westerns appeared from Pro Se in 2015.  Volume III has been completed, with publication information available soon.

In 2016, co-published by Pro Se and Steeger Productions LLC, came Dead Cat Bounce, the first-ever Inspector Allhoff novel in the noir NYPD police procedural tradition of D. L. Champion.

The Secret Adventures of Agents Salamander and Crow, E. W. Farnsworth’s collection of fictional CIA spy stories, appeared from Pro Se in 2017.

Numerous stories by E. W. Farnsworth are also scheduled to appear in Pro Se Productions anthologies during the next three years.