Eight New E. W. Farnsworth Nitrous Belle Stories Appear in Rogue Planet Press of Horrified Press Anthology

Sweat, Steel & Cruise Control: Volume II Anthology of Rogue Planet Press of Horrified Press in the has appeared with the following eight E. W. Farnsworth stories about the inimitable super heroine Nitrous Belle:

“Nitrous Belle on Thunder Road”

“Last Night on Earth”

“Nitrous Belle Breaks Through Earth’s Solar System Defenses”

“Nitrous Belle and the Intergalactic Magnetic Rivers”

“Crossroads of the Inter-Galactic Magnetic Rivers”

“Nitrous Belle in Zardor, Galaxy of the Damned”

“Raveled Sleave of Care”


“Plowing Through the Space Sargasso Sea”

The anthology containing all the above Nitrous Belle stories can be purchased from Lulu.com or Amazon.com.