E. W. Farnsworth’s Character Nitrous Belle to Reappear in British Anthology

E. W. Farnsworth’s new story, “Nitrous Belle on Thunder Road,” has been accepted for publication in the Rogue Planet Press of Horrified Press anthology, Sweat, Steel and Cruise Control, Volume II.

Farnsworth’s inimitable female warrior, first featured in Sweat, Steel and Cruise Control, Volume I, has become an icon for competent rebels with hot, weaponized vehicles.

In this story the intrepid Belle escorts her family (the genius Doctors Worthington) and their AIs and robots to the base of Mount Roraima from which the Spaceship Arcturus will be launched to preserve the best of humans and machines  from the depredations of Luddites who are sworn to destroy them.

Envision Belle working with three Pterodactyl autonomous unmanned aerial systems to defeat enforcement helicopters and tanks as she executes bootlegger turns under fire in tandem with Wild Bill, her current wingman.

Look for other stories of Nitrous Belle soon as her land vehicle transforms into a space fighter with all the trimmings to protect Arcturus from all comers.