Sixth Volume of E. W. Farnsworth’s John Fulghum, PI, Mysteries Contracted by Zimbell House

John Fulghum, PI, Mysteries, Volume VI, has just been contracted for publication in early 2018 by Zimbell House Publishing, LLC.

Included in this collection of new stories is the novella, “Case of the VP Murder,” which features state-of-the-black-arts forensics combining robotics, learner AI technology and DNA pattern recognition, to interdict a diabolical plot to take down the top figures in the US government.

Zimbell House has published or will soon publish the prior five volumes of Farnsworth’s John Fulghum mysteries, including the novels, Blue Is for Murder (Vol. III in 2017), The Perfect Teacher (Vol. IV in 2017) and Finding Harry Diamond (Vol. V in 2018).