Two New E. W. Farnsworth Viking Tales to Be Published in Hammer of the Gods Antho in England

E. W. Farnsworth’s two newest Viking stories, “Hrethel and the Subterranean Smithy” and “Hrethel and His Wicings,” will be published in Hammer of the Gods: Viking Tales of Sword and Sorcery, Volume II, from Rogue Planet Press of Horrified Press in England.

Farnsworth’s six Hrethel stories already published in the first volume of Hammer of the Gods plus the stories contracted to appear in Volume II comprise the growing content of The Hrethelssaga.

Filled with new views on Vikings, according to the author, “these stories are based on recent archaeological finds and the growing revision of the received tradition about the way Vikings actually lived and worked.”

Asked for a reference work that has been particularly helpful in defining the cosmology of his Viking world, Farnsworth said, “See David Hill’s excellent book Anglo-Saxon England (1981).  This book contains numerous maps showing the locations of Viking settlements, wics or wicings, in England in the period AD 900 to 1000.”

Farnsworth reminds fans to see the tastefully horrific T-shirt commemorating the publication of Volume I, available for purchase in all sizes from Rogue Planet Press of Horrified Press.

Details about publication of Volume II are forthcoming.