One Volume Out and Five More Forthcoming for E. W. Farnsworth in 2017

E. W. Farnsworth will have a banner year for publications of major collections and novels in 2017.

Blue is for Murder, John Fulghum Mysteries, Volume 3, Zimbell House Publishing LLC, appeared in January, 2017.

Forthcoming from Zimbell House later this year are The Perfect Teacher, John Fulghum Mysteries, Volume 4 and Wiglaff: The Emergence of the Shaman, The Wiglaff Chronicles, Book II.  Other volumes are now in press with this publisher for 2018.

In 2017 from in England will come Odd Angles on the 1950s (stories that remind about the dark side of the McCarthy Era in the United States), The Otio in Negotio (comic, satiric and romantic stories about contemporary American business folk) and DarkFire Continuum (complementary visionary science fiction stories to those published in Farnsworth’s landmark DarkFire at the Edge of Time). Each of these volumes will include a Study Guide for brainy readers.

Additional announcements are forthcoming for E. W. Farnsworth’s contracted Pro Se Productions volumes as their publication dates become firm.

Also during 2017, numerous short stories by E. W. Farnsworth will appear in a wide variety of anthology venues in Britain and America this year.  Examples are the Hrethel tales that will ultimately comprise The Hrethelssaga.

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