Three New E. W. Farnsworth Western Stories to Be Published in England

Three new western stories by Arizona writer E. W. Farnsworth have been accepted for publication in a two-volume English anthology.

The stories, “Beeswax and Castile*,” “Longhorn Jack McGraw,” and “The Thirteen Apostles**,” will appear in George Wilhite’s anthology, Riding the Dark Frontier: Tales of the Weird West, Volumes 1 and 2 from Thirteen O’clock Press of Horrified Press, whose general editor is Nathan J.D.L. Rowark.

Purchases may be made from upon publication of the separate volumes.

Further details about publication are forthcoming.

These three stories are in addition to “The Ghost of Alice Hampton” and “Day of the Dead in Villella,” whose publication in the same two-volume anthology was announced earlier.


*Beeswax and Castile are the two main components in the manufacture of saddle soap.

**The title “The Thirteen Apostles” refers to the historical Thirteen Apostles of the Confederate States of America.



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