Five E. W. Farnsworth Westerns to Be Published in Zimbell House Anthology

Five of E. W. Farnsworth’s new western stories, “The Cholla Gang,” “The Gypsy Gambler,” “The Return of Lily Hardy,” “Sonora Desert Bride” and “Stars in the Desert Sky” will appear in the Where Cowboys Roam Anthology of Zimbell House Publishing LLC.

All five stories are set in Arizona.  Except for “Sonora Desert Bride,” which is a contemporary western romance, the stories take place in the time of the Apache Indian wars in the middle of the nineteenth century.  As such, they continue in the tradition of the stories collected in E. W. Farnsworth’s Desert Sun, Red Blood, published by Pro Se Productions in 2015.

The Zimbell House anthology is scheduled to appear in April, 2016.  Further details are forthcoming.


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