E. W. Farnsworth Contracts for Three Novel Al Katana Series with Pro Se Productions

E. W. Farnsworth has just contracted with Pro Se Productions, the Arkansas publisher of blockbuster pulp fiction, for his three just-completed novels, titled Al Katana, about Ritchie Walgreen, a global superhero for our corrupt and violent times.

While Farnsworth has constructed each action-packed, 12-chapter novel to read independently of the others, the three literary works inform each other and together comprise a trilogy that reads like a satisfying, fully integrated whole.

Publication of the Al Katana novel series is scheduled for 2017.  Details will be forthcoming.

Pro Se Productions formerly published E. W. Farnsworth’s landmark western tales as Desert Sun, Red Blood in 2015.

The same publisher has scheduled publication of Farnsworth’s contemporary CIA action/adventure stories, The Secret Adventures of Agents Salamander and Crow, as a monthly series of twenty-six Pro Se Single Shots starting in 2016.

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