E. W. Short Story Collection Contracted for Publication by Zimbell House

E. W. Farnsworth’s Rocking and Rollicking Comedic and Romantic Entertainments has been contracted for publication by Zimbell House Publishing LLC in Michigan, USA.

This collection brings together the cream of Farnsworth’s comedies and romance stories. Seasoned editor Rick Taubold, an early reader of the manuscript of “TwinLions” wrote, “This is a kick-ass story idea and a very fresh one, unlike anything I’ve seen submitted to date. The characters are excellent, the writing is superb and the story is intelligently written. You engaged me right from the start. And the ending is wonderful.” “Among Waterfowl” is a December-May romance of a man and a woman whose lives are tied to the secret world in England though they find that love conquers all.  “Bow Bells End,” the love story of a brilliant mathematician and his childhood sweetheart from London’s East End, touches on the secret world of GCHQ as it moves towards a happily ever after denouement.  “Escape from the Seraglio” shows that the romantic view of the Turkish harem is anything but the truth, but the heroine survives by wit and skill to achieve the life of her dreams in spite of the system.  “Ronnie’s Bucket List” is premised on the idea that a person can be a supercentenarian and still lead a productive life, bringing together star-crossed lovers who need a new start.  “Old Flames” brings together long time lovers, at last–sweetly.

E. W. Farnsworth’s sometimes sardonic wit is on cue in “Valley of the Giants,” about finding a location for a film about giants when nothing true will quite do the job. Romance is visible at the end. Likewise, “Lorelei” explores the idea that a lorelei can inhabit the advertising center of New York, but she can’t measure up to her prototype in the German River.

Christmas is a time of revelry and joy, but in Farnsworth’s “Christmas Release,” a software mavin has to deliver during the holidays with her boyfriend’s help; in “The Christmas Surprise” one of three seasonal matches is almost lost to a hostile takeover on Christmas Eve; and in “Games for Love in Dragonton” the heroine must judge the winner of a village contest for her own hand, only to discover that the winner is the disguised Prince of the realm.

Farnsworth’s satire is alive in “The Appraisal,” a rendition of the “biter bit” in the art appraisal business. His “The Purist” factors a fanatic who exploits black patents for a revolutionary hair growth solution that goes horribly wrong.  The bitter romance “Promised Land” portrays the land rush when Baja California is going to be annexed to the USA.  “Selling Smiles” is a new take on Death of a Salesman, only this time the reader wishes the salesman was actually dead.

The reader can delve into this comic collection and smile in any direction at will. The sheer variety of perspectives offers much for every mood, inclination and intellectual capacity.

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