E. W. Farnsworth Novel Contracted for Publication by Zimbell House

E. W. Farnsworth’s new novel, “Love in the Time of Baro Xaimos, a Novel of the Gypsy Holocaust,” has been contracted for publication by Zimbell House Publishing LLC.

Based partially on factual accounts of the baro xaimos (Romani for “great devouring”), this uplifting novel is about the romance of Tobor Merikan a male Roma and Drina Mettbach a female Roma, whose families are caught up in the horrors of mass internment in the Nazi era in Germany.

The novel does not dwell on life in the concentration camps and decimation of a large portion of the Roma population but on the courage and resourcefulness of a few gypsies who miraculously evaded the German master plan for Roma extermination and not only survived–but thrived!

Publication of this novel is contemplated in the second half of 2016.

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