Two E. W. Farnsworth Stories to Be Included in Zimbell House Publishing, LLC, Anthology

Two E. W. Farnsworth stories, “Curse of the Ship Burial” and “The Brass Gong,” have been accepted for publication in Curse of the Tomb Seekers Anthology from Zimbell House Publishing, LLC, in the US.

For these thought-provoking stories, E. W. Farnsworth was inspired by recent, myth-shattering archaeological finds.  “Curse of the Ship Burial” was inspired by the discovery of ancient ships buried whole around the Giza pyramid site in Egypt.  “The Brass Gong” was inspired by the discovery of remains of hominids in three surprisingly old cave burial sites in Southwestern China.

The Curse of the Tomb Seekers Anthology , scheduled to appear in December, 2015, can be ordered directly from Zimbell House Publishing, LLC.

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