Two E. W. Farnsworth Stories Accepted for Sinister Souls Anthology of SweeteSinz Publishing

Two E. W. Farnsworth stories, “The Sand Man’s Henchman” and “Rotten Timbers,” have just been accepted for publication in the Sinister Souls Anthology of SweeteSinz Publishing.

These horror stories both point in new directions for the horror genre.

“The Sandman’s Henchman,” inspired in part by Friedrich Durrenmatt’s dark novel Der Richter and Sein Henker and in part by Dylan Thomas’s spectral The Doctor and the Devils, documents the exploits of an insane fixer who works for the criminally insane.

“Rotten Timbers” is the story of a contractor whose specialty is fixing up domiciles of dark, insane figures involved in paranormal activities.

More information about this anthology will appear shortly.

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