Five E. W. Farnsworth Stories to Be Published in The Adventures of Pirates Anthology of Zimbell House Publishing

Pirates of Madagascar EWF—The Adventures of Pirates Anthology Zimbell House Publishing Due 9/15/2015 Submittable 6/14/2015

Five pirate stories, by E. W. Farnsworth, have been accepted for publication in Zimbell House Publishing’s The Adventures of Pirates Anthology, scheduled to be released in November, 20115.

The five pirate stories to be published are, “Pirates of Madagascar,” “Pirates of Zanzibar,”  “Pirates of Arabia,” “Pirates of the Andamans,”  and “Pirates of Tierra del Fuego.”  Coincidentally the pirates sail along the track later sailed by Confederate pirate Raphael Semmes.

These stories form a continuum focusing on the ravages of two supremely successful pirate captains who sail the world with their two ships in partnership taking rich booty from ships of all flags.

“Don’t think of typical romanticized Hollywood-style pirates.  Rather think, what if men with the style, verve and skills of US Navy SEALS were transposed into the Great Age of Sail and turned rogue? These stories are hard-edged, swashbuckling, exciting adventures full of rough fun, rum carousals, licentious women, savage plunder and new twists on old pirate code.” author E. W. Farnsworth wrote.

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