E. W. Farnsworth Short Stories to Be Published in Audio Arcadia Anthology in London

E. W. Farnsworth’s fantasy short stories, “Hornpipes for Mariah” an Audio Arcadia Science Fiction and Fantasy short story Competition runner-up and “Dragon Lady,” will be published as part of a paperback and ebook anthology to be released later this year and sold on retail websites including Amazon and Lulu.

“Hornpipes for Mariah” is a fantasy about two girls’ sensitive, imaginative associations with, respectively, a centaur and a unicorn.  The story is based on a series of real-life conversations E. W. Farnsworth had with two young ladies in a park in Gilbert, Arizona, in the summer of 2014.  Farnsworth wrote the story for them.

“Dragon Lady” is a fairy tale about a prince who discovers the dark secret of a fair lady’s being a dragon by night.  The prince resolves her issues and moves on.

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