E. W. Farnsworth’s Noir John Fulghum Mysteries Contracted for Publication by Zimbell House Publishing

E. W. Farnsworth’s John Fulghum Mysteries has been contracted for publication by Zimbell House Publishing.  Some stories in this collection have been released previously in various Zimbell House anthologies, and some are new.

This collection of noir stories, written in the style of Raymond Chandler, centers on criminal cases handled by John “Jack” Fulghum, Private Investigator, of Boston, Massachusetts.

From his smoke-filled office on the second floor above a malt shop, Fulghum solves crimes that are juridically or politically difficult for his friend the brilliant Boston homicide Officer Pounce.

Fulghum’s unorthodox solutions sometimes require the assistance of the detective’s contacts in the US intelligence community and Special Forces, who have their own ways of assuring that justice is meted out to criminals who are presumed to be beyond the reach of normal legal proceedings.

The book is scheduled to appear on December 1, 2015–in time for Christmas purchases, as an on-line publication in many formats and as a paperback from all the usual outlets.  Additional details will be forthcoming.

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