Eight E. W. Farnsworth Stories Contracted for Publication in Three Anthologies from Sweete Sinz Publishing

Eight of E. W. Farnsworth’s stories have been contracted for publication in three anthologies from Sweete Sinz Publishing:

Three stories have been contracted to be published in Sweete Sinz’ Unearthly Anthology—”Hera’s Right,” “Hugging Proteus” and “Song of Prometheus Unchained.”  Each of these stories focuses on the antics of a Classical mythological figure.

Four stories have been contracted to be  published in Sweete Sinz’ Sinner Anthology—”Simon Plenty,” “Girth Landford,” “Promised Land” and “The Purist.” The protagonist in each of these stories personifies one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

One story has been contracted to be published in Sweete Sinz’  Twisted Fairytales Anthology–“The Little Match Girl.”  This story is a dark version of Hans Christian Anderson’s timeless and already dark fairytale about the hapless match girl.

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