Critical Acclaim for E. W. Farnsworth’s Short Story “TwinLions”

The following praise was received for E. W. Farnsworth’s short story, “TwinLions,” which has been contracted to appear in the forthcoming collection Clandestine Green and Red from Dark Storm Publications in 2015:

“This is a kick-ass story idea and a very fresh one, unlike anything I’ve seen submitted to date. The characters are excellent, the writing is superb and the story is intelligently written. You engaged me right from the start. And the ending is wonderful.”—Rick Taubold, Editor, Silver Pen Fine Arts Magazine

Also appearing in this collection of three E. W. Farnsworth short stories are, “The Interview” and “The Protector.”

The cover for this volume features a reproduction of the painting, “Upon the Cliffs of Gloucester,” by artist Charlene Stant Engel with cover design by Leah Diane Hutchinson of Black Diamond Designs.

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