E. W. Farnsworth’s Collected Westerns Coming Soon

Available in Summer 2015 from Pro Se Productions, Desert Sun, Red Blood consists of western tales set during the time of the Indian wars in the lawless Arizona Territory.  Newspaperman Ben Dauber comes to maturity among a rough-and-tumble group of renegade Apaches, range settlers, saloon girls, professional gamblers, seedy lawmen, a hanging judge, gunslingers, desperate thieves and murders, con men, land-grabbing ranchers, ruthless claim jumpers, steely-eyed railroad operatives, dashing cavalry officers and spirited frontier women who knew how to ride, track and use weapons as well as men.  While Dauber gradually traces the secret activities of moneyed railroad interests in the Territory, he develops complex relationships with his mentor Judge Richard Hastings, the renegade Apache Durang, and a young frontier girl in buckskin and lace known as Nance, the Bottle Blonde of Albuquerque, the only love of Kit Carson a dandy and gambler. Check back for more details.
Coming Summer 2015

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