Malice Anthology includes E. W. Farnsworth’s ‘Selling Smiles’

E. W. Farnsworth’s new short, ‘Selling Smiles,’ was included for release in the Malice Anthology from  Horrified Press’s Sinister Saints Press.  The anthology, available now, is described on

From the snake in the garden to that devil on your shoulder, Malice is very much alive. This anthology explores the evil behind the branded “Bad Seeds” of society, and the misunderstood wretches amongst us harboring that not-so-nice streak. Malice, however doesn’t always present itself on the stage of a deranged mind—sometimes it plays out very differently, birthing Anti-Heroes with a thirst for justifiable villainy. This horror anthology, revolves mostly around YA characters, allowing readers a glimpse into the way in which evil can infect even the youngest of minds, malevolence injected into already tarnished souls…all riding the rails to the same final destination. Many fatalities arise from these twisted tales. Let’s get started.

Buy your copy today.

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